Давненько уже писал пару раз о том, что Samsung даст прикурить существующим игрокам на рынке ноутбуков (нетбуков). Вот и подтверждение из независимых источников, так по словам Digitimes компания Acer очень переживает по этому поводу и даже начала отказываться частично от закупки компонентов (экранов и памяти у Samsung). На мой взгляд, это очень проигрышная стратегия. Надо покупать лучшее по соотношению цена/качество. Сама заметка ниже.

Acer has recently started shifting some of its notebook component orders such as panels and DRAM out from Samsung Electronics to counter Samsung’s aggressive advancement in notebook business, according to sources from notebook players.

Acer declined to comment on the report.

Samsung entered the notebook industry in 2008, and its global shipments quickly rose to 5.64 million units in 2009, accounting for 3% of the global market and the company in the first quarter of 2010 advanced to become the seventh largest global notebook brand with shipments of 1.72 million units, according to sources citing IDC figures.

Since Samsung is the largest DRAM maker and the second largest panel supplier worldwide, its strong vertical integration gives the company advantages over costs, and the company only needs to source components such as cooling modules, keyboards and connectors from outside; therefore, the company’s advance in the notebook industry has already put pressure on several first-tier notebook vendors, especially Acer, the sources noted.

To counter, Acer recently turned to place DRAM orders with players such as Micron, and panel orders to Taiwan-based AU Optronics (AUO) and Chimei Innolux (CMI), the sources added.

However, Acer is still expected to maintain a certain level of purchasing from Samsung due to Samsung quality, yield and price, the sources pointed out.