Отличная статья на эту тему вот здесь

Концовка и воспоминания о Геббельсе в сравнение с Джобсом придают статье особый смак. Вот этот пассаж:

For us, it is very interesting to see that EE Times was banned from covering Apple’s launch event due to this story. Then again, given that Steve Jobs controls the information in a manner very similar to Goebbels and punishes the non-biased members of the media, we’re not surprised. EE Times broke many stories in relation to Apple. Here at BSN*, we broke the Mac Tax and now revealed the A4 [Mali GPU and ARM Cortex-A9 CPU core — is that really Apple IP or just a LEGO approach to building an ASIC], so we don’t expect to be allowed into future Apple events either.