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Thanks folks for attention to my humble opinion 🙂 I’m not a blogger. My occupation is research of mobile terminal market and some people here knows me very well 🙂 

 Let me explain some things about pricing policy of Palm and Sprint.

First of all, I mention only one price – 399 USD for Sprint network. In US it will be exclusively available on Sprint for some time as you know. Later it will be in other networks as well (possibly but I’m not sure about it – let me say – if Pre will be in high demand it will be only for Sprint, if not then in all other channels).

Palm couldn’t produce a lot of Pre (display which they ordered is not so widely available). And even don’t have to produce a lot. Maximum capacity for 3Q09 is around 200K. It means that for price point below 200 USD, they could sell around 400-450 k units. For Palm the best strategy is creating high demand (read it as shortage of device). In Q3 they will earn money and making market share in Q4 only (twice amount compare to Q3).

Sprint has a very clear pricing policy for all products. Check they site (unsubsidized/subsidized 2 year contract):

Blackberry Curve 8330: $569/$99
Blackberry Curve 8350i: $479/$149
Moto Q (LOL): $399/$99
Samsung Instinct: $$449/$129
Palm Treo 755: $579/$199

Palm Pre will be the most available handset if you make comparison with current handsets. The final price depends from Sprint, it could be different variants:

Palm Pre: $399/149$ or $499/$199, I strongly believe in price $499/$199 because next Apple handset in July09 will be presented at higher price (but the old one will be at lower price). The main goal of Palm put Pre between these products. Also, take on account that RIM will show next multimedia device on the end of summer. It will be at least 3 devices with similar features and positioning. But device from RIM will cost around $499 as well (not lower). I not mention several other handsets like Samsung, some Nokia and LG, for US they aren’t strong players (even Instinct wasn’t a great success). In any :)ase, right now exist only two price variants, I mention both here 🙂

I’m not count GSM version of Pre with different naming (it will be in 2009 on market, on selected markets – unsubsidized price 500-550 USD, sorry haven’t any mention of this price in Euro). Other three Nova handset will be on market only in 2010. Possibly they will show and launch a small update of Pre before that time, but if it will be high demand for Pre, then they won’t do it for sure.

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