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Это не я популярен, а витанамизация (с) 

This week, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic sales kicked off in Russia with stunning success. On Wednesday, the Moscow Flagship Store sold out its entire inventory in a record 30 minutes. An additional 900 people added their names to the waiting list.

Buyers, some of whom had camped in line for days, crowded the Flagship Store to hit store shelves. At sales start on Wednesday November 26th there was a queue of over 150 people. Some anxious buyers even offered bribes to people in queue to get the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic first.

Eldar Murtazin, #1 Russian telco analyst and chief editor of Mobile Review told about sales start at Nokia Flagship Store in his blog http://eldarmurtazin.livejournal.com/229275.html and that became one of the most discussed news in the Russian blogosphere on Wednesday.

Some quotes from Eldar’s blog: “Sales assistants in the shop don’t remember such a situation. The demand exceeds the supply now so much that those (retailers) who bought the model in bulk have begun changing their attitude and are trying to order more and more. I can’t recall a similar situation; it is an interesting turn of events. And the last funny thing — looks like in the first week of sales this product can sell in bigger volumes than iPhone at official launch. Though it is wrong to compare the products which differ in price… The way of Nokia 5800XpressMusic has begun”.

The Russian team plans to support sales of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic within Nokia Trends Lab festival on December 5th in Moscow. Nokia Trends Lab Moscow Experiment 2 will be headlined by dance-punk Scots Shitdisco, American singer Santogold, Canadian producer Tiga and British DJ Moussa Clarke. On Russia’s part the event will be supported by DJ Orange aka One Dollar, art-director at Denis Simachёv Bar and connoisseur of non-commercial dance music.

One of the bloggers said, looking at the queue in Moscow Flagship Store: "Do we have economic crisis or not? I did not understand."