Различные истории о локальных прочтениях той или иной марки, продукта кочуют уже давно. На рынке мобильны телефонов до недавнего времени возникновение подобных историй было невозможно. Все больше цифры, да имя производителя. Но теперь и нас не обошла эта история стороной.

Samsung WiTu в Финляндии звучит крайне неприлично. Интересно финны как-то на это отреагировали? Благо реклама висит и идет…

Из wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vittu

Vittu is an ancient word for the female genitalia but now has the literal meaning of "cunt." Linguistically, it is used similar to how ‘fuck’ is used in English to add force to a statement or express frustration. Often considered extremely profane, its usage is nowadays not only limited to teenager slang, but is often used as an emphasis in a forceful or frustrated utterance or expression, as in mitä vittua "what the fuck". Other common phrases with vittu include voi vittu ("Fuck this" or "Oh fuck"), ja vitut! ("The fuck you say!" / "Bullshit!"); haista vittu "fuck you!", literally "go smell a cunt"; painu (hevon) vittuun, "go to (horse’s) cunt"; olla naama norsun vitulla, "to have one’s face like the elephant’s cunt", meaning to be sour and unfriendly. Entire sentences can be constructed using these combinations " Vittu, vituttaa niin vitusti" etc. Occasionally, one hears more colorful constructions, such as Vittujen kevät ja kyrpien takatalvi! (paraphrased, "Oh fucking shit!" or literally "The spring of cunts and the late winter of dicks!"). Notably, vittu is also used as an energetic mood, as in "vitun iso" ("fucking big") or "Mä meen vittu sinne" ("I’m really fucking going there") or to declare a negative outcome, as in meni vituiksi ("fucked up"). Similar-sounding euphemistic replacements include hitto (see above), vitsi or hitsi. Several verbs and adjective have also been derived from vittu: vituttaa originally "to want pussy and not able to get it", currently "to feel angry and depressed", vittuuntua "to get angry and insulted", vittumainen an adjective for "unpleasant and annoying".