В очередной раз попросили перепечатать статью, в этот раз для книги…
Dear Sir/madam

          I take this opportunity to introduce myself as Ms. Ishwari, working as a Project Associate for Icfai University Press. I am part of the "Copyrights Cell" team handling issues related to copyright/reprint permissions from Icfai.  I am writing to you to seek your permission to reprint the below mentioned article.

The details are as follows:

Article: Motorola — prolonged crisis or what next

Author: Eldar Murtazin

Title of Publication: Mobile Review

Issue Details: 2008

Page extent of the article: Entire article

Source: http://www.mobile-review.com/print.php?filename=/articles/2008/motorola-strategy-fin-en.shtml

Title of Icfai’s Professional Reference Book:  New Age Mobile Telephony Devices — Developments, Trends And Issues(The title is subject to change)

Expected Date of Publication: 2009

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