The site you are hosting,, contains links to «cracks» and an active discussion on how to crack the software our company (RiP Dev) produces. We think this is a copyright infringement and can be considered an illegal activity. Below are the relevant links:
Products we make: http//
Our company (Swiss-based):
Posting announcing the crack for the products we make (Russian Project
and Caterpillar):
Discussion on the forum:
The above mentioned site also hosts a torrent tracker with the links to lots of copyrighted material, such as movies, and so on:
We advise you to take appropriate actions regarding the site owners. They have recently moved the hosting to your company from Russia as they had some legal troubles regarding copyright infringements (both from us and other parties).
Shall you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to
contact me:
Viacheslav Karpenko <>
Телефоны Славы Карпенко доступны в статье на сайте, тут же он снова пожаловался
Slava Karpenko — CTO
RiP Dev
RiP Dev
*RiP Dev*. The iPhone Development Company.
St.Petersburg, Russia —

В кратком переводе для тех, кто не владеет английским. Слава Карпенко от лица Rip Dev жалуется, что на другом сайте обсуждается кряк для их программы, которая легальна и что владельцы ресурса были вынуждены сменить площадку из-за претензий юридического характера с их стороны. 

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