Такие ошибки случаются, они выглядят забавно, хотя на месте человека не знаю что ощущал бы. Скорее интерес к тому, что обо мне напишут в такой день. Раздражение? Вряд ли. 

Для журналистов будет полезна форма некролога, точнее то, как представлена схема документа для того, чтобы в дальнейшем можно было собрать быстро комментарии. Эта форма подходит ко многим и многим материалам привязанным к каким-либо циклическим событиям. Смотрим под катом. 


Steve Jobs’s birthday: Feb. 24, 1955
BIO UPDATED AS OF 2008, by Connie Guglielmo
APPLE PR CONTACTS: Katie Cotton — -redacted- and Steve Dowling: -redacted- or -redacted-
People to contact for comment:
— Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak: -redacted-
— Jon Rubinstein, former head of Apple’s iPod division. He’s now
chairman at Palm. Contact Lynn Fox in PR.
— Heidi Roizen: venture capitalist who once dated Jobs: -redacted- or -redacted-. Heidi knows a lot of Silicon
Valley insiders and may put us in touch with others, including
A.C. Mike Markkula, the first VC to back Apple.
— Larry Ellison of Oracle (one of his best friends); contact
Deborah Hellinger in Oracle PR. -redacted-, -redacted-

— Jerry Brown (personal friend) and California AG. Try GARETH
LACY at -redacted- IN OAKLAND; -redacted- CELL, -redacted- or press office: -redacted-
— Al Gore: member of Apple’s board of directors
— Bill Gates: Microsoft was among the first developers of Mac
— Bob Iger at Disney: who bought Pixar from Jobs
— Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google and member of Apple’s board. Send
note to -redacted- or try David Krane: -redacted- or -redacted-

— Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel Corp. (Apple began using Intel
chips in its Macs in 2006). Contact Tom Beermann: -redacted- or
Bill Calder on -redacted-. Both in Intel PR
— Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems. Contact Shawn
Dainas in PR: -redacted-
— John Lassiter and Ed Catmull: Pixar-nee-Disney executives. Try
Zenia Mucha, -redacted- or Jonathan Friedland, -redacted-, in
corporate PR at Disney.
— Guy Kawasaki, one of the first Apple evangelists. -redacted- or -redacted-
— Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, who bought an early circuit
board for the game Breakout from Jobs and Wozniak. (pr is being
handled by his daughter, Alisa Bushnell. her cell is: -redacted-; work is -redacted- work/message;-redacted-)